Reedpop Wikia Hyundai-ZSM-01

Anson Kuo's Hyundai Santa Fe ZSM (Zombie Survival Machine) Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai and AMC teamed up to create an app that allows fans to create their vision of the ultimate zombie survival vehicle. Then they picked the vehicle seen here, designed by Anson Kuo, from more than 86,800 fan submissions... and built it! According to Hyundai's press site, the heavily modified Hyundai Santa Fe crossover's "special" features include:
  • knife blades
  • an automatic crossbow
  • razor-wired windows
  • three machine guns
  • a samurai sword
  • aluminum armor
  • muffler silencer

Stop by Booth #542 and check out the real thing for yourself!

Design your own Zombie Survival Machine with Hyundai's Walking Dead Chop Shop app!

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