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Somerville’s Artisan’s Asylum plans to invade New York Comic Con with their latest creation: MegaBot.

The thirteen foot tall battle-bot is making its first public appearance at the 'con, and while shipping restrictions limited it to "just" 13 feet - the finished product aims to be even taller. In its current form, the 'bot is capable of firing a variety of giant paintball-like munitions up to 100 yards at around 120mph, but its engineers have big plans after their first public showing.

A Kickstarter campaign is in the works, the success of which would mean more MegaBots, and MegaBot battles in the future. Who doesn't want MegaBot battles??

Word has it the team will be located right next to the Marvel Display, and we're thinking they will be hard to miss! At least one demo is planned, so make sure you swing by to snap some photos. Don't forget the #WikiaLive tag, we want to see too!! :)

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